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Custom window stickers can provide a lot of benefits for every business or company owner out there. It’s the most economical and environmentally friendly option compared to all those signs made of plastic or paint fumes, that often chip off when the climate changes. Our line of custom window sticker has been well thought off in all areas when designing.

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Personalized window stickers have been in fashion for decades. It never really went out of style, to be honest. We can make all your sticker dreams come true with our custom window stickers. From big to intricate patterns, you just upload the image and we’ll make them happen. The plus point is every sticker we provide is a hard vinyl coated piece. Our main feature is the die-cut part, getting precisely traced cut-outs of nearly any image and give you the size you desire.

Characteristics of Custom Window Stickers

•  Each piece is coated with a vinyl covering making it perfect for protection from scratches.

•  Our stickers also have a surface that allows any waterproof or permanent marker to write over it with personalized messages.

•  Our stickers also come with a strong adhesive glue that can latch on to almost all surfaces without leaving a mark or scratch upon removal.

•  It is 100% waterproof and weatherproof. So you can wash those car windows and shop windows with a sponge and soap with our stickers on it.

•  Our line of custom stickers are durable and can withstand any kind of environmental change around it. It works in all the weather whether during rain, snow or sunlight.

Here is why you should go for our line of customized window stickers

Our line of stickers being durable to all sorts of climate change, environmental surroundings etc. can turn out to be a really great investment. Stickers are a great way to express yourself and is a great economically friendly option for all business or large scale companies. There are several ways to utilize these windows or glass stickers which make a good investment for anyone looking to spruce up business perception. Our company has poured in a great deal of effort into making each sticker worth your while. Here are some ways you can utilize them.

•  Pay tribute to your pet by getting a customized window sticker of your pets’ picture for your car or truck window.

•  With our new sticker cutter, we feature a die-cut sticker to add your companies name or logo on the windows and doors of your office, shop or station. We work with intricate designs as well.

•  Being a boss is a difficult task with tons of clients and colleagues lined up to meet you. Why not try out our new line of frosted window stickers that give you the privacy you deserve.

•  Show your holiday spirit and add stickers on your shop windows to create a greater holiday vibe. It can be Christmas window stickers, Halloween or Thanksgiving window stickers or New Year’s Eve stickers.

•  These stickers are made durable for a reason so that it could withstand any climate. That being said, you can now order stickers with personalized messages, graphics, causes and company names for your car or vehicle of choice.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will window stickers fade?
A: Our quality of customized stickers is durable, making it immune to scratch marks or fading.
Q: How do I apply window stickers?
A: Every sticker has a strong adhesive layer that can latch on to all surfaces when applied but you need to make sure you thoroughly clean the surfaces and rid it of all impurities before applying. You then peel off the protective backing and start sticking it from the center, moving out to the corners. This is to make sure all air bubbles are removed.
Q: How many window stickers can I order in a row?
A: There really isn’t a definite number on how many stickers you can order. Thanks to our new sticker cutter, you can now order as little as one sticker or as many as 100 stickers in a row.
Q: Can I wash the window of my car while the sticker is on?
A: Our stickers being durable and waterproof, can withstand any climate and an occasional car wash. All you have to do is lightly sponge and wash the area without scrubbing vigorously.
Q: Is there a size limit of window sticker I need?
A: No, there isn’t any size limit to our custom window stickers. Whether you need a sticker as tiny as a nickel or as large as a building floor, our team of designers works to make it possible.

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High quality, perfect color, just as I designed them! We were super impressed with our stickers, from quality to turn around time to price!

They were a big hit!

I ordered these for a family reunion and they were perfect! Everyone loved them and they were very well made and great quality.

Fast and great customer service

Love our stickers! We ordered front adhesive stickers and received back adhesive ones.... MojoSticker responded fast, owned the problem and reprinted and shipped the right ones for free. Thanks MojoSticker!

Good Job

I was very pleased with the stickers

Great stickers

Quality workmen ship

Old faithful

This is what started my business. Quality remains the same, order after order.

Was going to give 4 stars but

Was going to give 4 stars but quickly realized I approved before changing color. Quality is fantastic, price is a number, and they worked with this broke artist like a doctor... With patients.