Skateboarding Stickers

Skateboards are an epic way of showing off your skill so why not show your artwork, with our custom skateboarding stickers. Many skateboard businesses nowadays sell one of a kind skateboards to their customers. This is why we encourage every skateboard business to invest in our line of vinyl custom stickers that are durable and last a lifetime in quality. 

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Our line of stickers are not only durable but adapt to every environment and weather change. It is adaptable to rain, snow, dusty surroundings and is even UV protected. They’re a great way of showing your artwork along with your skateboarding skills. Here’s what makes our sticker quality superior.

Characteristics Of Custom Skateboarding Stickers

•  You can order any personalized sticker depending on what cut, shape or color you desire.

•  Every sticker is designed with a superior adhesive, perfect for latching on to any surface.

•  Each sticker is made of vinyl and a thick protective laminate which supports rocky surfaces or rough usage.

•  You never have to worry about the stickers leaving marks on your skateboard or gear. Our stickers never leave a scratch or residue upon removal.

•  Coated with a protective laminate also makes it perfect for adding your own drawings with permanent or waterproof markers. And you never have to worry about it washing away.

•  We make our line of stickers durable and adaptable to any situation, be it environmental surroundings or weather changes. You never have to hold back on your skills with the concern of your stickers peeling off.

Here’s why you shouldn’t think twice about investing in our customized stickers

Skateboarding is a rough sport. That’s why we design our stickers to suit your needs. These stickers are designed for multipurpose uses, adding a bit of color to your sporty nature. 
Show off your brand or favorite quotes, hobbies, a picture on every skateboard. Here are a few fun ways these stickers can be useful for you and at economic friendly rates.

•  Add your name and artwork on our sticker and use them as giveaways or prizes for all your loyal fans.

•  Add your own touch of graffiti and upload them on our portal. We will make sure to add them to our stickers according to your order specifications.

•  Here’s a chance for every skateboard business owner to adorn their board woodwork with our vinyl stickers. They’re durable and its quality is top-notch.

•  Since our stickers are waterproof and weatherproof, you can add them to your water bottle or other merchandise and never have to worry about color fading after a wash.

•  Our stickers are perfect for every climate change and are also 100% water, heat and weatherproof. Add them to all your skateboard gear, whether knee pads or helmet.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What if I don’t have a pattern to upload and need help with customizing?
A: That’s alright, not to worry. We have a team of designers who will work towards designing a unique piece for you. You just have to let them know about your design specifications and vision, online. We will take care of the rest and double-check to see if you are satisfied with the finishing.
Q: How do I apply skateboarding stickers?
A: First consider cleaning the surface before applying it. Make sure there is no dust, dirt or liquids on it. Once the surface is clean and dry, remove the sticker backing and paste it on the board or other areas, starting from the middle and then the corners. This step ensures no air bubbles form.
Q: How many skateboarding stickers can I order at a time?
A: There is no limit to ordering the number of stickers you require.
Q: Can I have my handwritten signature printed on a skateboard sticker?
A: With our new sticker cutting technology, you can upload any image or pattern you want, with no boundaries on intricacy. Our sticker cutter can make die-cut-outs of any pattern you provide or acquire our designers to incorporate.
Q: Will the custom skateboarding stickers rip off from my board?
A: No they most certainly will not. We make our stickers durable and strong enough to withstand any pressure or rough use. Even the most daring skateboarding tricks won’t wear off the quality of the sticker.

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Thoughtful stickers

Nice quality. Exactly as I ordered. Fast & efficient.

Fantastic experience

Setting up the artwork was easy. I quickly got back artwork to approve from mojosticker. Received my order sooner than estimated. Stickers came out great and I shared them with my coworkers. Couldn't be happier.

Awesome service and quality!

The process to order custom stickers at mojosticker was so easy and simple. You upload > approve > stickers are on their way! Would definitely recommend and use them again for other projects!

Amazing quality

These stickers were made for my wife and they are incredible!!! Great value and awesome quality!!

Perfect and high quality

They did a great a job at creating the sticker from the image I sent. High quality and definitely would use again!

mojosticker order review

I ordered a set of die-cut stickers during the $2 for 10 deal. I am very happy with what I received. Quick shipping as well. I will definitely be returning to mojosticker for my sticker needs.

Turned out great!

These look AMAZING! Love them! Got here super quick too.