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Let us help you make each project an exciting one with our line of custom scrapbook stickers. Scrapbooks are a great way to share your artistic side and store all your memories for years to come. Most schools or colleges require scrapbooks for projects. We urge every sticker business or book utility shop to invest in our line of customized stickers. With great standard, and having been made of vinyl, you never have to worry about quality ever again.

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We make great efforts in designing each sticker to perfection; making notable changes in quality where needed or if required. So, let us help you design the scrapbook of your dreams, whether for your hobby, your baby book, school project or even of places you’ve travelled to. Here is why our line of stickers should be on top of your sticker investment list.

Characteristics of Custom Scrapbook Stickers

There are quite a few ways to utilize our line of stickers, which are

•  They’ll make cute accessories for your kids' school book.

•  Would make unique gifts and prizes for birthday parties.

•  Custom Scrapbook stickers can be used as a great motivational prize for all students that do well in class.

•  They can be used for picture frames or glass jars, filled with all your favorite designs, and can even be washed.

•  Fill your school, office or home supplies with custom scrapbook stickers. All you need to do is upload an image or ask for help from our designers to create a new piece for you.

•  Personalize your school scrapbooks with pictures of the subjects you’re interested in or captions needed for each subject. We provide almost any sticker cut you need. Our main feature is the die-cut and kiss-cut sticker layout, allowing you to be as creative while designing the picture.

Here’s why you should invest in our line of stickers

As mentioned above, we take great pride in the quality of the stickers we provide. Making each sticker according to the personal and specific requirements of our customers, we make sure to run them through quality assurance for approval. We make our scrapbook stickers highly durable, suitable for all your sticking needs. Scrapbooks are fun to keep and special to create. Make each scrapbook a joyous experience, adding our custom stickers to your collection. We deliver any color and cut you desire.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I apply scrapbook stickers? Is there a certain procedure?
A: There is always a rule sheet for everything. To apply our stickers, you have to first make sure that the surface you choose for the application, is clean and rid of all impurities. Once you make sure the surface is clean and mainly dry (no humidity), start by peeling off the sticker backing and apply it, beginning from the middle and then spreading out towards the edges. This is to make sure that no air bubbles, creases or bumps form.
Q: What if I don’t have a design to upload? Or don’t want a download from the internet?
A: Not to worry. We have a team of designers that can work to provide you with a unique design, put together according to your detailed specifications.
Q: Can I order multiple scrapbook designs on one sticker sheet or is there a limit to that?
A: You can order an entire sheet filled with the same design or even different patterns; available in every cut, color, shape and size you need.
Q: How many scrapbook stickers can I order?
A: There is no limit to the number of stickers you can order. Whether you need a single sticker or a whole bulk order, we will make it happen.
Q: Can I use scrapbook stickers on my electronic devices?
A: Yes, you absolutely can! They will never leave a mark, scratch or adhesive residue upon removal.

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Would Order Again

Always Great!

I’ve been ordering stickers from Mojosticker for a few years now, and they’ve always been great. They have a reasonable turnaround time, very good color matching, and a high quality feel to them. I sell the stickers I have printed for my business, and my customers love the quality as much as I do. (:


These turned out so well along with the die-cut ones I got. there was a little mess up during the process but that was on me so I can't complain. totally love these

Reorder, as good as the first!

Second time placing an order for computer stickers They came out as great as the first order. Vibrant color and high quality all the way around. Fast deliver too! What more could you ask for?!

Cats and Plants Sticker Sheet

Super easy and quick!


We ordered 1,000 stickers and very proud to have them for our short film, "Into The Flame". They couldn't have turned out better.

So amazing!

They hallows me so much to make my stickers perfect! And they shipped l immediately I was so impressed! I tell all my friends to go with Mojosticker!

Beautiful Quality and 2 Days Early!

My stickers arrived four days earlier than the ETA they gave me and are beautiful quality. They almost seem to have a satin finish. I'm very pleased and will definitely order from Mojosticker again!