Popsocket Stickers

In such a monotonous world, choose to be exciting! Try our trendy custom popsocket stickers to turn your phone into something enticing. A colorful, fun and attractive personalized popsocket sticker will make your device stand out in a crowd. Popsockets are designed to let the user have a strong grip on the device. Decorating it with modish popsocket stickers will make it look more eye-catching.

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Turn any of your artwork or design or even your business logo in a popsocket sticker to make it look as cool as it can be. A fun way to promote your company is by giving away these cool personalized popsocket stickers to all your customers. Their phone is now an advertiser for your business.

With personalized popsocket stickers from Mojo stickers, you will never have to worry about the high quality and durability of the product. Strong adhesion, resistance to water and sun and above all a pocket-friendly option is all that a customer cares for. Take advantage of all these properties and order your custom popsocket stickers now!

Characteristics of Custom Popsocket stickers

•  As a matter of high quality, these stickers do not leave any adhesive residue, even when removed.

•  Available in thousands of shades, these circle popsocket stickers are a fun way to promote your brand.

•  Resistant to water, sun, and scratches, custom popsocket stickers are a creative thing to put on the phones.

•  Custom popsocket stickers adhere to the surface like no other. Their smooth application makes them look more appealing.

•  It proves to be an economical option for the promotional campaigns that different companies organize and get their logos and taglines printed on popsocket stickers.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the method to apply the popsocket sticker on the surface of the helmet?
A: Follow some simple steps to have smooth sticker application: Clean the pop socket surface with a towel and make sure that there is no dirt left. Then, peel off the backing of the sticker. Carefully paste the sticker on the pop socket keeping in mind that there are no air bubbles. Once pasted, Smooth it out with your fingers. Let it rest for a few hours so that it can adhere well.
Q: Any limit specification for ordering the Custom Popsocket stickers?
A: For the minimum number of stickers, there is a limit specification. For the maximum number, there are no restrictions. You can order as many as you want and make your phone look creative and colorful.
Q: Which sort of backing will my Personalized Popsocket stickers have?
A: The choice is 100% yours. At the time of placing an order, you will have the freedom to choose your preferences. Select the desired details and place an order!
Q: To what extent can I customize my popsocket stickers?
A: Mojo stickers offer complete customization to its customers. You can customize the sticker in any way you want, be it color, dimension or even design. Make your phone look as cool as it can be by ordering our custom popsocket stickers that fit your style.
Q: What kind of shapes and colors are available for popsocket stickers?
A: For shapes, popsocket stickers are available in circles only. But, for colors, there are limitless options. You can order your sticker in any shade to make your phone look cool.

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Great quality, easy stickers.

Loved them!

Great Circle Stickers!

These are perfect and they're one of our most successful stickers!

Nice job!

Easy to order, arrived quickly. Pleased that MojoSticker helped me with the template/proof for a quick fix to my design. Amazed at how fast they respond during the proofing process. The stickers turned out great!

Everyone loves them

My husband draws the most amazing doodles but they're hard to share with the world. You guys ran your 50 for 19$ deal and now I can share this with everyone. Camt wait to order more!

Custom Stickers

My sticker order was perfect! Exactly what I envisioned! The stickers are high quality, don't fade, and were sent in a timely fashion. I will definitely order from mojosticker again!


My stickers are perfect. I couldn't be a happier with the upload process, payment options, turn-around-time and quality of my sticker!

AMAZING! You guys rock!

This service was amazing. And I got this sticker pack for only $20 dollars and I love how the design turned out. I love that even after a few delays because they needed a 300 PPI image from my end, they were still able to get me my order 2 days before the original date. Amazing service, communication and the sticker quality is great! Thank you guys!