Outdoor Stickers

If you live almost all your life outdoors, these Custom Outdoor Stickers are just for you. Stickers have a great way of letting us express ourselves and how we feel. Being an outdoorsy person can be fun but why not try out our waterproof vinyl stickers to show the world every adventure you take. Our stickers are durable and long-lasting ensuring to withstand all climate changes and environmental situations, whether you go for rock climbing, swimming, biking, you name it and we’ll make it happen.

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Characteristics of Custom Outdoor Stickers

•  Each sticker has a protective layer to avoid any scratches or tear.

•  Having a super long-lasting adhesive backing, no hint of residue is left behind on removal.

•  Designed to withstand all kinds of situations and weather changes, our stickers are completely durable.

•  Almost any design you desire can be provided. Whether you need a die-cut, a simple square cut, or even a transparent background all adjusted to a custom shape, size and colour.

Why customized outdoor stickers are useful

Everything that you love to do outdoors should always be shared with the world! It’s got such a great vibe about it. Why not use customized outdoor stickers for all your equipment and gear to make it a little more attractive; especially since it is waterproof and weatherproof. But here’s why these stickers will make you a happy camper

•  Get memoirs of places you visited printed on a sticker to carry it with you wherever you may go.

•  Make your workout equipment, trekking gear, swimwear etc. a little more striking with stickers that say whose team you’re on.

•  Advertise all your outdoor activities with a sticker of your choice and let everyone know there’s a real wilderness expert on board.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I write on outdoor stickers?
A: Yes you can write on these stickers as each comes with a protective layered coat, which will also withstand any kind of rough outdoor ventures.
Q: Can outdoor stickers come with reflectors?
A: We make sure that each personalized sticker reaches our customers full level of satisfaction. Whatever the cut, design and size, we make it happen.
Q: Is there a certain way to use outdoor stickers?
A: All things need a certain mode of application. But even though these stickers are simple to use, you have to make sure each surface is ripped off impurities or mud and liquids before applying. Once the surface is dry and ready, peel off the sticker backing and carefully apply it to the area of your choosing; starting from the center first and then moving along the edges. This is to make sure no air bubbles are captured.
Q: Can I apply outdoor stickers to any surface?
A: Yes you can! The adhesive layer for each sticker can latch onto any surface without peeling off.
Q: Will outdoor stickers wear off?
A: Designed for outdoor purposes, these custom outdoor stickers are durable and long-lasting, able to withstand any amount of rubble thrown at it.

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Thoughtful stickers

Nice quality. Exactly as I ordered. Fast & efficient.

Fantastic experience

Setting up the artwork was easy. I quickly got back artwork to approve from mojosticker. Received my order sooner than estimated. Stickers came out great and I shared them with my coworkers. Couldn't be happier.

Awesome service and quality!

The process to order custom stickers at mojosticker was so easy and simple. You upload > approve > stickers are on their way! Would definitely recommend and use them again for other projects!

Amazing quality

These stickers were made for my wife and they are incredible!!! Great value and awesome quality!!

Perfect and high quality

They did a great a job at creating the sticker from the image I sent. High quality and definitely would use again!

mojosticker order review

I ordered a set of die-cut stickers during the $2 for 10 deal. I am very happy with what I received. Quick shipping as well. I will definitely be returning to mojosticker for my sticker needs.

Turned out great!

These look AMAZING! Love them! Got here super quick too.