Nutrition Labels

If you are searching for a way to add more wow factors and exclusivity to your products, you can invest in custom nutrition labels. These personalized labels will make sure that your product entices customers and, as a result, increase your sales. These days, more importance is given to the design and these label are a major part of a product’s design. With that in mind, nutrition labels are often ignored which really shouldn’t be the case. It is time for you to consider investing in these labels in the best of ways. The labels being offered are of remarkable quality and will never leave you disappointed.

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Make Product-design ever more enticing

MojoStickers give you and your business an amazing opportunity to add more zeal to your product by including gorgeous nutrition labels. These personalized nutrition labels can make sure the ingredient and nutrition information is displayed clearly and uniquely. With a thoughtfully designed nutrition label, you can make sure your customers know what they are getting with the product you are selling, giving them all the more reasons to choose your product over others.

Characteristics of Custom Nutrition Labels

The custom nutrition labels by MojoStickers come with a lot of different features and characteristics. You can choose from the following kinds;

•  Matte

•  Colored

•  Perforated

•  Transparent

A freehand is giving in designing these labels so you can choose whatever size and shape you can think of. They have the following features as well;

•  They are waterproof

•  They can resist heat

•  They are scratch-free

•  They are oil-resistant

•  They are dishwasher and microwave friendly

The best part is that the pros don’t end just yet. MojoStickers make sure that they manufacture high-quality labels at incredibly low prices. It is made sure that all kinds of businesses can take advantage of these top-notch, waterproof, custom-made labels. These labels are also very easy to use and stick. You will not face any issue regarding its application. They also have a wide area of use. What are you waiting for? Order these personalized nutrition labels right away!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are there any restrictions on the type of surfaces these nutrition labels should be stuck to?
A: No. There are no restrictions. These custom-made labels are of the finest quality and strong adhesive, which ensures they can be used on any kind of surface.
Q: If the design is complex for nutrition label, will the quality still be the same?
A: No matter how complex your design is, the quality will always be worth your while. The unique process being used by Mojo Stickers makes it possible to easily print and cut intricate designs.
Q: What are the personalized nutrition labels made of?
A: The nutrition labels are made of a premium material that is extremely durable. The company makes sure that the best is available for you and your business.
Q: Are there really no restrictions on the size and shape of the nutrition labels?
A: No, there are no restrictions on the size and shape. You can design however you like and prefer. You won’t be facing any issues with your final design.
Q: Can anyone design the custom nutrition labels or would I need a designer?
A: You can easily design a label yourself on the online tool available. You can also hire a designer if that is what you prefer.

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Would Order Again


Stickers were so good, i got buttons made too... when the discount hit the email lol

Sticker sheets

Great quality product. I would have like a better idea of the completed size. It’s hard to judge the proof when there is not a reference next to it.

Great design and service

Really like the proiducts we've been getting!

Awesome stickers

With each and every order MojoSticker comes through 100%, always on time and a perfect product.


They were perfect. I got what I needed, but they could have easily put more on one sheet, kind of a waste of space.

Everybody wants one!

We put our stickers by the front door and everyone who comes in wants one. It's great. People see EVG stickers everywhere!

Quality and reliability

Labels on a sheet looked great and are convemnient. The only request being perfs to tear the individual units off the sheet easily. Otherwise, scissors are needed to cut them out.