Mason Jar Labels

With the amount of mason jars used every day, it is appropriate to think that custom Mason jar labels are quite useful. From the time that they were invented to the period of 21st century, mason jars have been used for more than a hundred applications. They can be used to store cold items, beverages and are also used as a drinking glass for cocktails in many parts of the world. Due to the high application, using custom mason jar labels would be helpful in informing the customers about the product contained in it.

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To differentiate between the jars that store products from the jar that can be used for drinking, personalized mason jar labels are what will assist you in letting the customer know what each one is for. Any restaurant can get their custom mason jar label printed to signify the ownership and purpose of the jars. Custom means that you get to design and alter the labels in any way you require, be it size, text, style, theme and much more.

Mason Jars are the titans of the storage industry

Using these custom mason jar labels ensures the exact purpose of the jar and makes it stand out in the market. Your custom eye-catching and extraordinary logo is what will draw the attention of the customer towards the jar itself. A plain jar attracts hardly any attention due to the fact that, without the label, it might just be another jar. Apart from the customization, the labels by MojoStickers have their own characteristics.

Characteristics of Custom Mason Jar Labels

Leaving no residue when removed, the custom mason jar labels, by Mojo Stickers, have water-resistant properties as well, that prevent any loss in label quality due to water. The labels can withstand an adequate amount of warmth as well. Some more advantages of the labels are,

•  Variety of sizes

•  Easy on the pocket, cheap

•  Strong adhesive properties

•  Wide application; can be used on any jar

The custom mason jar labels are presented in three types,

•  Colored

•  Perforated

•  Transparent

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I order in more than one theme on mason jar label?
A: Certainly, after you’ve sampled, you can order in as many themes as you may require, each with their own custom designs and sizes.
Q: Will the mason jar label quickly peel off with time?
A: The custom mason jar labels by MojoStickers are long-lasting and can withstand an array of external disturbances and factors without compromise in quality.
Q: Will peeling off the mason jar label leave any residue?
A: No, the custom mason jar labels leave no residue once removed.
Q: The mason jar tends to gather dew on the outside of it occasionally. Will that compromise the label?
A: Not at all. The custom mason jar labels, with their water-resistant and adhesive properties, are quite successful in preventing any form of water ruining them.

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Nice clear labels

The whole process was quick and easy.

Exactly what I wanted!

I am so happy with this company. My stickers are excellent, super nice quality. And you can't beat their customer service, quick and caring. I have purchased many items from Mojosticker and will definitely continue.


The color was perfect and the label was everything that I needed it to be. The customer service was excellent!


Perfect for gift boxes.


Great for my packaging or whatever I want to stick one on to

Love Them

My candle labels are perfect. The color, size, and detail are perfect.

Better than expected!

I use my labels on frozen items and they absolutely rock. No issues with them sticking to any surface ! Even my friends want stickers now!