Jam and Jelly Labels

Custom Jam and Jelly labels extremely vital in producing a large number of sales in the market. Have you ever tried eating bread on its own? It tastes quite bland and requires a sweet or salty flavor. Jam and jelly products, in their various flavors, fulfill the above-mentioned requirement. To make sure the customer can differentiate between jams and jellies, we urge the use of our personalized jam and jelly labels. This is sure to catch a lot of eyes on that market shelf.

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These two products have been in existence for quite a long time. They can even be traced as far back as the 1940s. Due to the widespread use, even today, we aim to make your jam and jelly products outstanding. The use of the word custom here signifies the degree as to how much you can alter the labels to your liking. Whether it is color, text, font or numerous themes, custom jam and jelly labels, by MojoStickers, cover all the criteria,

Characteristics of Custom Jam and Jelly Labels

Due to the high-quality, top-grade adhesive strength of the custom jam and jelly labels, their use is long term and no amount of scratches can wear or tear them. Apart from this, these labels are also waterproof to withstand an immense amount of liquid spills and splashes. They are also heat resistant so even if your jam or jelly is stored in a warm place, the custom label will not compromise on its quality. Other features of the labels, by Mojo Stickers, are

•  Oil resistance

•  Available in all shapes and sizes

•  Laminated to protect from oil spills

•  Widespread use, enormous application

•  Easy on the pocket, financially friendly

•  Marker friendly label that can be written on

•  User-friendly, can be easily peeled and placed

Apart from these, the custom jam and jar labels are available in the following types,

•  Colored

•  Perforated

•  Transparent

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can a jam and jelly label easily tear while removing or placing it?
A: The quality of these custom jam and jar labels is quite impressive, making them quite difficult to tear and can be easily placed or removed without fear.
Q: If the design of the jam and jelly label is complex, will the quality of the text be compromised?
A: Certainly not, these labels are made to the best of quality, no matter how complex the design. The label itself will neither spread nor smudge.
Q: Can I order in a smaller amount rather than bulk for jam and jelly label?
A: Yes, our custom jam and jar labels can be ordered in a smaller amount as a sample if you don't wish to order in bulk.
Q: Does peeling off a jam and jelly label leave any form of residue?
A: Not at all, the custom jar and jelly labels leave no residue since we make sure to deliver the product in its nest form with no compromise in quality.
Q: The jam and jelly label will stay intact for a long time, despite water exposure?
A: Yes, our custom jam and jelly labels have quite resilient adhesive properties that ensure long term usage.

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Excellent experience start to finish

Have to say was extremely happy with the full order experience with mojosticker. Beside the fast turn around, delivery and top quality product. They worked with me on the design and were very fast with each edit even over the weekend. Can't recommend mojosticker enough, this was my first time using them and won't be my last.

Liked my first set of custom labels!

I really had no idea what design to order so I threw something together. So happy with how good they turned out. The quality of the label hides my sloppiness of design.

Great service

These guys are the deal! I have ordered a few times now and never have I been disappointed! Shipping is always on time and very well packaging! Thank you MojoSticker!!!!

Superb Stickers

MojoSticker stickers are cool. The MojoSticker team worked with me to get the best looking die cut stickers possible. Service was excellent and delivery was really quick.

Once again, MojoSticker exceeds my hopes!

Every item I have received from MojoSticker has arrived looking far better than I had even hoped. The quality is fantastic, and each design is perfect!

To Be Honest

I love these stickers!!!

Custom Die Cut Stickers

These labels are perfect! We are switching producers of these labels to you guys! Been a struggle to find a quality label that can hold up under contact of the product, lotions and essential oils, and not run, bleed and peal. You guys ROCK! You have found another fan!