Graduation Stickers

Let us help make your graduation a day to cherish for life with our line of custom graduation stickers. Order a personalized graduation sticker for your special day and utilize it however you like. These stickers are great to keep as memories and as a reminder that you made it! Make custom stickers to give to your friends or family or even for your personal belongings to show everyone which institute you belong to.

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Our line of custom graduation stickers is great for every college or educational institute to pass out to their graduates on their big day. Our stickers are made of vinyl which is great by quality. You can now put them on any surface you like and never have to worry about it slipping off or even creasing with time.

Characteristics of Custom Graduation Stickers

Following are a few ways for you to use our customized graduation stickers.

•  We customize our stickers according to every detail you provide or desire. Personalize your graduation cap with funny pictures or inspirational quotes of your liking on a sticker.

•  Dear parents, our stickers would make a beautiful touch to your son or daughters graduation celebrations. Adorn each invite with a seal of your choice on our stickers.

•  Each sticker is designed to hold on to different surfaces. Whether cotton, latex, glass or metal. So be creative and let us help you add personal touches on your graduation decor./p>

•  These stickers could also be a great way to identify your fellow classmates in the long run.

•  We also make graduation stickers for cars. Show off to everyone, letting them know that you have made it!

•  Our line of stickers would make a great giveaway for alumni parties with the college or high school monogram on it.

•  You can also add these stickers on your water bottles or school bags. Since they’re waterproof, you don’t have to worry about washing them.

Invest in our economically friendly personalized stickers and you’ll never be sorry

Graduation day is one of the greatest milestones ever to be achieved in our lives. With our stickers, you can find so many ways to make your success even more special. Our line of stickers is made of vinyl, specifically designed to be durable towards every situation, environment and weather change. It is both waterproof and weatherproof. So, you never have to worry about quality assurance again.
There are so many fun ways for you to use our stickers. Every school, high school or college should invest in our line of stickers, adding great flare to their alumni merchandize.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do you apply the sticker?
A: The first step is to make sure all impurities are removed. You have to clean the surface before application so that the sticker latches on effectively. When clean and dry, remove the backing and start sticking. Start from the center and move towards the edges. This avoids the formation of air bubbles or little creases.
Q: How many stickers can I order?
A: There is no limit to the number of stickers you can order. You can get as little as one or as many as 100. Whatever you need, we provide.
Q: Can I stick it on my graduation gown?
A: Our stickers are 100% waterproof, and comes with a superior adhesive. Both these features are perfect for all materials, giving you the freedom of putting in the washing machine or dishwasher without hampering the quality of the sticker.
Q: If I paste a sticker on my laptop or phone, will it damage the surface?
A: No, it won’t damage the surface. You can paste our quality stickers on any surface. It will never leave any stains, scratches not residue on it upon removal. Just make sure you don’t paste it over any air vents, which could possibly cause the laptop to overheat.
Q: Could I order any color custom graduation sticker? Even metallic?
A: Yes, you can order any color and cut you want. Doesn’t matter how many color changes you need on each sticker sheet; we will make it happen.

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Great service!

I love how these came out! Color quality is great. Thanks!

Always great quality

Love the stickers!! Love Mojosticker!! Keep doing great work and keep offering random promos! This specific batch were harder to peel off maybe because of rounded edges of the design? But still great product none the less

Lovely Work

Again, Mojosticker delivered perfect product on time. Keep up the great work!

Easier to peel!

These were much easier to peel apart than diecut ones!


stickers are great! everyone wants one


Well done. Arrived on time, product exactly as described.

My Stickers are perfect

Stickers were perfect and arrived fast!