Euro Stickers

People have been using custom euro stickers for decades. Not only do they represent their love and pride in something through the personalized euro stickers, you can show your pride in any destination, any accomplishment, any country, any caste, any religion, and group and etc. Custom euro stickers have minimalistic design with a pride message behind them. For instance, ‘I LOVE AMSTERDAM’ would be a personalized euro sticker showing immense love to a place. 

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You can use or stick the custom euro stickers literally anywhere. They adhere from bikes to water bottles and the adhesive used is strong enough to last long.  You can design personalized euro stickers for your refrigerator door, for your helmet, for your goods, for your products, for your bike or even for the walls in your room.

Each custom euro sticker tells a different tale and this magic lies behind your design. If you want to design personalized euro stickers for any organization, you can even change the font, colors, and letters. You just need to be creative enough.

Characteristics of Custom Euro Stickers

•  Versatility: Custom euro stickers come in various fonts, colors, and designs.

•  Top-Notch Custom Euro Stickers: The personalized custom euro stickers are top-notch and made with sturdy and strong material which only comes off upon peeling with lukewarm water. Moreover, the adhesive used is of high quality and weather resistant.

•  Stickers with A Meaning: You can sense the deep meaning in the custom euro stickers. Personalized euro stickers represent a nation, an organization, a group, a destination, a marathon or anything you feel proud of. Custom euro stickers are subtle in design and have minimalistic style.

•  Online Proof: Worried about how your custom euro stickers will come out? Have an online proof first. You can review your design and the proof of your design just shortly after you submit your design to us. The designs are subject to change until you are fully satisfied with the end product.

•  Durable and Waterproof: These custom Euro stickers are designed with a repression to last longer. Hence, they have a longer shelf life. They do not come off easily and are resistant to water. They are durable and weather-proof. No matter, if there’s a rainstorm or a sandstorm, the thick and durable vinyl protects your custom euro stickers from the scorching heat, heavy rainfall, snow, sand, and extreme sunlight.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can You Change Fonts in Custom Euro Stickers?
A: Yes, you can change fonts and even colors in custom euro stickers.
Q: How Do You Put Stickers On?
A: First of all, you need to peel off the removable protective adhesive layer from the sticker. After that stick it and make sure that you attach them without any air bubbles inside. Even if there are, remove them with the tip of your finger. Moreover, you have to make sure that the surface you’re sticking the sticker to is dust-free and debris-free. After pasting, make sure that it is pasted well by pressing it against the surface.
Q: Can I Easily Remove the Stickers from My Car?
A: Yes, it’s pretty easy. All you have to do is soak the custom euro sticker with lukewarm water and peel it off.
Q: Can I Use The Stickers On My Car Window?
A: Yes, you can show your pride anywhere. And by anywhere, we mean on your car windows too!
Q: What Does ‘Removable Adhesive’ Mean for euro Stickers?
A: Removable adhesive is a top-notch adhesive material used for custom stickers. The removable adhesive allows the user to peel off the protective label from the bottom surface without leaving any adhesive residue behind.

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Would Order Again

Beautiful labels

You reproduced the artwork perfectly and the order arrived quickly. For some reason they aren't identical in size to last year's labels which were slightly bigger. Still do the job well.

Great job!

I was VERY impressed with MojoSticker's help. I had originally ordered the wrong size sticker and was disappointed when they arrived. It was completely my fault. But when MojoSticker realized I was not happy with my order (although it was my fault) they offered to make me the correct size sticker at a significant discounted price. That is great customer service.

Even Better than Expected!

Thank you. I ordered oval white stickers for our dojo and everyone was very happy how they turned out. They are very substantial, these are not skimpy stickers. They stick well on car windows and lots of other objects and remove easily enough without any damage. Will be ordering more.

Nice sticker but a little pricey

Nice sticker but a little pricey. I love your die-cut stickers but they're pretty expensive for branding purposes so I have to sell them :( but I do sell them so I guess that works out. wish I could use them as a freeby…

Snappy stickers

Well-made and convenient ordering!

Great Outcome

Proofs were helpful and timely. Stickers came out great!

Looks great!

They came wrapped in plastic, so I didn't check the sticker material but from what I could see it looked great, and the printing was super crisp.