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If you are looking for some cute custom emoji stickers then you are at the right place. We deal with all types of personalized emoji stickers. These stickers are super cool and an amazing way to express yourself. These stickers can be applied to anything you can think of. Whether you want a cool touch to your phone or add some fun to your laptop, we have got you covered.

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These custom emoji stickers are so versatile that can be used on anything. Companies that craft water bottles, phone cases or cover, laptop sleeves or cover, glass bottles, stationery cases, hydro flasks, jewelry boxes or any kind of boxes and literally anything that has a smooth flat surface, can get their hands on these stickers and attract a ton of consumers especially kids and teens.

Characteristics Of  Custom Emoji Stickers

•  Water-proof: The custom emoji stickers are laminated due to which they will be unaffected by water.

•  Easy-to-use: Our personalized emoji stickers are very easy to use. They are extremely easy to put on and take off.

•  Strong adhesion: We make our stickers with a special adhesive, that will stay on for years and wouldn’t come off until you want them to.

•  Nonstick and non-greasy: The stickers are non-greasy and will not get your hands all sticky while putting it on or leave a residue while taking it off.

•  Excellent quality: We make the best quality personalized emoji stickers at the best prices as we use special printers and high-quality sheets to print on.

•  Complete customization: We offer complete customization, you can do anything with the custom emoji stickers from changing the size, color and shape to go a little extra by making an entirely different emoji by conjugating a couple of emojis for a unique feel.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How can it be applied to the back of the mobile phone?
A: Simply clean the back of the mobile phone with a microfiber cloth making sure no dirt is left. Now, peel off the backing of the sticker and gently press it on the mobile phone making sure there are no air bubbles and there you have it, a new cool look to your mobile phone.
Q: Is there a limit to buy maximum custom emoji stickers?
A: No, there is no limit to buy the maximum number of emoji stickers, you can order thousands of them and add fun to your accessories.
Q: What qualities does the personalized emoji sticker possess?
A: The stickers are scratch-proof, microwave-safe, dishwasher safe, water repellent, heatproof and won’t fade away in the sunlight.
Q: On what material can these stickers stick?
A: You can stick the personalized emoji sticker on any surface as long as it’s clean and dry.
Q: Can I get my name printed on the stickers?
A: Yes, not only your name but anything that you want, a date, a good quote, etc.

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Always Great!

I’ve been ordering stickers from Mojosticker for a few years now, and they’ve always been great. They have a reasonable turnaround time, very good color matching, and a high quality feel to them. I sell the stickers I have printed for my business, and my customers love the quality as much as I do. (:


These turned out so well along with the die-cut ones I got. there was a little mess up during the process but that was on me so I can't complain. totally love these

Reorder, as good as the first!

Second time placing an order for computer stickers They came out as great as the first order. Vibrant color and high quality all the way around. Fast deliver too! What more could you ask for?!

Cats and Plants Sticker Sheet

Super easy and quick!


We ordered 1,000 stickers and very proud to have them for our short film, "Into The Flame". They couldn't have turned out better.

So amazing!

They hallows me so much to make my stickers perfect! And they shipped l immediately I was so impressed! I tell all my friends to go with Mojosticker!

Beautiful Quality and 2 Days Early!

My stickers arrived four days earlier than the ETA they gave me and are beautiful quality. They almost seem to have a satin finish. I'm very pleased and will definitely order from Mojosticker again!