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They say that dogs are man’s best friend. What is a better way to show the world how much you love your pooch by investing in cute custom dog stickers? These stickers are absolutely great for all animal care shelters or critter care adoption businesses. Every storefront of animal shelter needs a cute life-size sticker of a dog to attract as many potential animal foster families as possible.

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This line of dog stickers is an absolutely great idea for any dog owner. They make great gifts on all sorts of merchandise. Our team of designers makes sure that each sticker is durable and adaptable to all environmental conditions, giving all our dog lovers a chance to show off their pets.

Characteristics of Custom Dog Stickers

•  Our stickers contain a protective laminate making it immune to rips.

•  Each sticker is designed to be durable to all environmental factors and climates.

•  You can apply them on any surface that will have contact with water. Our stickers are 100% waterproof and weatherproof.

•  Besides being durable, every sticker is designed with a strong adhesive that sticks to every kind of surface but never leaves any stain or mark behind.

•  Our line of stickers is coated with a protective laminate, which allows us to overwrite personal messages on it with a waterproof or permanent marker.

•  With our latest investment in sticker cutter, you can now get our featured die-cut stickers which allow precise shape and intricacy in any image you provide.

Why our customized dog stickers could be a great deal to invest in

In today’s era, people are looking for creative ways to capture memories with their little four-legged furry friends. Our line of custom stickers is a great and an economically friendly option for any dog owner to print out images of their pets for all sorts of merchandise. Here is why our line of stickers would make you a happy customer.

•  Dog stickers would make great birthday gifts for all the kids in your family.

•  When you are always on the road, why not own some personalized dog stickers of your dog for your suitcase or travel luggage.

•  Each sticker is coated with a protective laminate that preserves the picture quality from sunlight, rain and is scratch proof.

•  We make sure each sticker printed out is one of the greatest quality and according to your every specification making it last for years.

•  Whatever you require in terms of size or intricacy or cut, we make sure every sticker finishing result is exactly according to the specification.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I fill my dishes with pictures of my dogs? Will it ruin in the washer?
A: We make our stickers adaptable to every surface of convenience. Whether you need to apply them on your water bottle or other dishes, you don’t need to worry when using a dishwasher or microwave. The sticker quality will come out looking untouched.
Q: If I stick these personalized stickers on my car door, will it ruin the paint?
A: We design our stickers with top of the line adhesive that sticks to almost any surface without a budge. The best part is that you can remove these stickers without it leaving any mark or residue.
Q: Can I get a life-size sticker picture of my dog?
A: We design and provide die-cut stickers for our customers according to their every detailed specification. All you need to do is provide the picture details and we handle the rest.
Q: How do I apply these stickers? Is there a certain way to use them?
A: As easy as stickers may look, there is always a certain guide to follow. You first need to make sure that the surface before the application is clear or at least free of all dust particles. This step is important, so that the adhesive sticks without any hassle. Then you take off the sticker backing and begin applying pressure from the center slowly moving towards the edges. This step ensures that no air bubbles form.
Q: Is there a limit on the custom dog stickers to be ordered?
A: No there’s isn’t any. If our customers want one or even 100 stickers, we fulfill their requirements.

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Thoughtful stickers

Nice quality. Exactly as I ordered. Fast & efficient.

Fantastic experience

Setting up the artwork was easy. I quickly got back artwork to approve from mojosticker. Received my order sooner than estimated. Stickers came out great and I shared them with my coworkers. Couldn't be happier.

Awesome service and quality!

The process to order custom stickers at mojosticker was so easy and simple. You upload > approve > stickers are on their way! Would definitely recommend and use them again for other projects!

Amazing quality

These stickers were made for my wife and they are incredible!!! Great value and awesome quality!!

Perfect and high quality

They did a great a job at creating the sticker from the image I sent. High quality and definitely would use again!

mojosticker order review

I ordered a set of die-cut stickers during the $2 for 10 deal. I am very happy with what I received. Quick shipping as well. I will definitely be returning to mojosticker for my sticker needs.

Turned out great!

These look AMAZING! Love them! Got here super quick too.