Cosmetic Labels

The use of custom cosmetic labels is what attracts a huge crowd. Every single person is excited whenever a new product is unveiled, especially when the packaging is unique. The mere presence of the product is not what makes it stand out from the crowd but also how it appears on the outside. This includes an outstanding personalized cosmetic label which means that you have the option to design it however you may wish.

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Ever wonder what makes a cosmetic product gain its popularity and fame? One of the most vital features of any product has to be the label. Custom cosmetic labels offer a wide array of options including size. If the product requires more than one kind of label on it, that can also be arranged. For the customer’s satisfaction, custom cosmetic labels of any form or theme can be used.

Half the beauty of a cosmetic product is the label

The first glance from a customer towards a product is almost always towards the label and, specifically, the title. It should be an eye-catching one that makes the customer turn their head towards it. Custom Cosmetic labels allow you to place all forms of designs, fonts, and numbers. Apart from that, the use of vibrant colors, especially the primary ones, are what make labels stand out and engage the audience. Once the customer looks at it, they are guaranteed to come back for seconds and once they do, you know the sale and showcase of the said cosmetic product has been a success.

Characteristics of Custom Cosmetic Labels

These custom cosmetic labels, from the biggest to the smallest ones, are competent in their adhesive properties. They showcase outstanding qualities in terms of long-lasting labels, manufactured by Mojo Stickers. When talking about the quality in terms of water resistance, it is waterproof to such an extent that it can survive more than one splash. Other advantages include,

•  Widespread usage and application

•  No residue on removal, with reusable property

Our custom cosmetic labels are available in three types,

•  Colored

•  Perforated

•  Transparent

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can the cosmetic labels be placed on a product that is usually in a warm place?
A: They can be used but locations with excessive warmth are encouraged to be avoided.
Q: Can I use a cosmetic label that covers the whole bottle?
A: Yes, you can. Our labels come in an assortment of sizes and shapes, with numerous themes.
Q: Do these cosmetic labels leave a noticeable residue when removed?
A: Not at all, our personalized cosmetic labels leave not a speck of residue once removed, rather can be reused due to the impressive adhesiveness.
Q: Can I write anything further over the cosmetic label?
A: Yes, the labels are extremely marker friendly and allow the use of pens and markers on them.
Q: If a cosmetic product is in a pouch, can a label still be used?
A: Yes, it can be used since our custom cosmetic labels are friendly to most surfaces, including pouches and bottles.

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Would Order Again

Nice clear labels

The whole process was quick and easy.

Exactly what I wanted!

I am so happy with this company. My stickers are excellent, super nice quality. And you can't beat their customer service, quick and caring. I have purchased many items from Mojosticker and will definitely continue.


The color was perfect and the label was everything that I needed it to be. The customer service was excellent!


Perfect for gift boxes.


Great for my packaging or whatever I want to stick one on to

Love Them

My candle labels are perfect. The color, size, and detail are perfect.

Better than expected!

I use my labels on frozen items and they absolutely rock. No issues with them sticking to any surface ! Even my friends want stickers now!