Clear Address Labels

The use of custom clear address labels gives a sense of simplicity and elegance to anywhere they are placed. A clear address label is one where there are no fancy designs present and the beauty of the entire thing lies in the text itself. It is a piece of art where the address is written on a clear label. This makes it easier for the label to blend in and not feel like an odd one on a package or a letter. Clear address labels are most compatible with package deliveries when the box is too large to cover with a fancy custom address label. Instead, we use these.

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Knowing how a custom clear address label is used, there can be a number of things in it that can be customized or personalized. MojoStickers understands the significance of product delivery and how quality cannot be compromised at all. These custom clear address labels can be used in many places, even shipping crates.

A clear address is always clear

Apart from the font and style of the text on the custom clear address label, the color of the text is completely customizable as well. This means that you can decide the color of the text on the label in accordance with what the color of the delivery package is. If the package itself is light brown, it is preferable to use a darker shade such as black or blue. These custom clear address labels have the following characteristics,

Characteristics of Custom Clear Address Labels

Starting from one of the most impressive properties of the custom clear address labels; the adhesiveness of the label itself. If you feel like you’ve placed the address at an incorrect area, no worries. The label can be removed easily. This is also an advantage since the custom clear address labels leave no residue, thus maintaining the integrity of the package. These are just some of the features of the labels provided by Mojo Stickers. Other perks include,

•  Heat resistance

•  Water resistance

•  Widespread use and application

•  Financially friendly, easy on the pocket.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can these address labels be ordered in bulk?
A: Of course, MojoSticker specializes in getting the product to the customer in a minimal amount of time with no compromise in quality.
Q: Are there any drawbacks to the use of clear address labels?
A: Prolonged exposure to heat or water is not recommended, even though the custom clear address labels can withstand an adequate amount before giving out.
Q: Can the text size be altered on any particular address label?
A: The clear address labels come in a wide array of sizes, with numerous font styles.
Q: If I remove the clear address label, will parts of the text remain on the package or envelope?
A: The personalized clear address labels leave no residue when removed and can be reused.
Q: Is there a chance that the text on the label will smudge itself on the rest of the clear label?
A: Not at all, our custom clear address labels stay within the designated text region and there is no chance of smudging.

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Nice clear labels

The whole process was quick and easy.

Exactly what I wanted!

I am so happy with this company. My stickers are excellent, super nice quality. And you can't beat their customer service, quick and caring. I have purchased many items from Mojosticker and will definitely continue.


The color was perfect and the label was everything that I needed it to be. The customer service was excellent!


Perfect for gift boxes.


Great for my packaging or whatever I want to stick one on to

Love Them

My candle labels are perfect. The color, size, and detail are perfect.

Better than expected!

I use my labels on frozen items and they absolutely rock. No issues with them sticking to any surface ! Even my friends want stickers now!