CD Labels

Custom CD labels are regarded as quite a wise investment in terms of business. With the advancement of technology, keeping an organized assortment of CDs has become a vital part of one's daily life. Be it a personalized CD containing software or tutorial videos, custom CD labels are the way to go. Keeping track of every CD has become a norm. An eye-catching title or CD label will attract a wide array of customers, from all ages and professions.

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Since the labels are customized, it gives you the option to select from a wide range of features. You can select any that you deem best to attract the attention of the customers. The type of CD labels that are used in the tech shops and the general industry these days are quite bland and are unable to capture the eyes of a visitor. That, in itself, is a factor that may drive away customers due to them thinking that the CD may have been ruined to some degree.

An eye-catching CD is the one that sells

Take a moment to give a thought as to how the CD labels can be customized. Think of the best combination of colors that can attract a huge crowd. Apart from colors, certain types of fonts stand out. If, for example, the CD label is of a music track list, the clear font can tell the customer which songs are contained on the CD.

Characteristics of Custom CD Labels

The aforementioned labels are quite long-lasting with strong adhesive properties. They will stay intact long after the purchase of one and have an extremely long shelf life. Due to the extraordinary quality of Mojo Stickers, you need not worry about the issues that usually arise in the regular labels. Other advantages include:

•  The custom CD labels are quite reasonable in terms of cost, so it's not too heavy on the pocket.

•  The labels have widespread use since the types of CDs available are in an enormous range.

These custom CD labels are sold in a total of three types,

•  Colored

•  Perforated

•  Transparent

Frequently asked questions

Q: I don't want the whole CD covered with a label, just half of the area. Can it be done?
A: Of course, our custom CD labels come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Even if it is not one definite shape, we can customize it according to your need.
Q: If the CD comes under scratches or cracks, is the label ruined?
A: Not at all, the label stays intact even through cracks and scratches, due to the impressive adhesive properties of the sticker itself.
Q: What will happen if the CD falls comes in contact with water?
A: The water will simply wash off as the custom CD label is quite waterproof and can withstand more than one splash.
Q: Can I write something on the label with a permanent marker?
A: Yes, our labels are marker friendly and give no compromise in quality when written on.
Q: If I wish to remove it, will there be residue present?
A: It is quite smooth to peel off and leaves no residue.

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Nice quality. Exactly as I ordered. Fast & efficient.

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Setting up the artwork was easy. I quickly got back artwork to approve from mojosticker. Received my order sooner than estimated. Stickers came out great and I shared them with my coworkers. Couldn't be happier.

Awesome service and quality!

The process to order custom stickers at mojosticker was so easy and simple. You upload > approve > stickers are on their way! Would definitely recommend and use them again for other projects!

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These stickers were made for my wife and they are incredible!!! Great value and awesome quality!!

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They did a great a job at creating the sticker from the image I sent. High quality and definitely would use again!

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I ordered a set of die-cut stickers during the $2 for 10 deal. I am very happy with what I received. Quick shipping as well. I will definitely be returning to mojosticker for my sticker needs.

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These look AMAZING! Love them! Got here super quick too.