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Spruce your ride with our Custom Car stickers with quality that will leave you in awe. We introduce to you a super fun and creative way to advertise your business or company while constantly being on the road. Stickers come a long way where advertising and innovation are concerned and never ever go out of style. Being the most cost-effective way to promote almost anything and everything, customized car stickers are here to stay. 

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  • $450 Save 70%
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People love expressing themselves in so many ways imaginable. So why not let us help you go the extra mile with our one of a kind, super durable and cost-friendly car stickers. From promoting your business to family or baby on board, our vinyl-coated car stickers will do just the trick. We also print anime car stickers for our customers.

Characteristics of Custom Car Stickers

•  Each sticker possesses high-quality image print outs.

•  uper coated with a hardy vinyl cover making it completely scratch-proof.

•  Our stickers are super durable and can withstand almost any rocky or rough situation.

•  If you think that being durable was amazing, our stickers are also 100% waterproof and weatherproof.

•  The protective layering on each sticker allows overwriting with any waterproof and permanent markers.

•  These custom vinyl car stickers can be personalized to exactly any design, cut and shape you need and desire.

•  These custom stickers are aligned with a super sticky adhesive that latches tightly to almost any surface without leaving any residue behind after removal.

Why custom car stickers are the next big thing

I know some may think stickers are only for kids but that’s not true. Why should kids have all the fun! Stickers are a great way to show the world what’s going on in your life or where you’ve been and where you’re from. Every customized sticker is a new economically friendly option for promoting your brand. But here’s a detailed pointer as to why everyone should invest in them

•  If you’re proud of your company, then get some cool logo of it for your car.

•  Be a proud parent and get your sons' or daughters' graduation or honor student sticker for your car.

•  It’s easier to print out tiny stick art of your entire family to show just how many members you have along with your pets, if any.

•  Car stickers also serve the purpose of raising awareness for cancer and other causes. Some even buy these stickers to raise money for the cause.

•  These custom vinyl car stickers are durable and can withstand almost all climates and environments. Whether you’re traveling on a rocky road or a drive through the rain.

•  ar stickers also serve the purpose of telling the world you have a baby on board or even a sticker that indicates a handi-capable person is on-board, for safety reasons.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is there any size specification limit for each sticker?
A: Not really. All you have to do is give us the model of your car, the area you want to apply it to, and we’ll arrange or adjust the size accordingly.
Q: Can these car stickers be added to magnets on the fridge?
A: These stickers aren’t only limited to cars or other vehicles. They can be utilized in any way you like. Whether pasted on your laptop or a book, it works well in all cases.
Q: Is there a way to use these stickers?
A: Yes. You first have to make sure the surface before the application is clean, rid of all impurities. This is to make sure the adhesive holds on to the surface rather than dirt. After cleaning it, remove the protective matte sheet and stick it gently starting from the center and moving towards the edges. This makes sure all air bubbles have smoothened out.
Q: Can I get any design printed out?
A: Yes you can get any design you desire. Our main feature is the die-cut vinyl sticker which cuts out precise traces of any intricate design and pattern you provide us with. Just upload your image and pattern details and we’ll do the rest.
Q: How many custom car stickers can I buy? Is there a limit?
A: There isn’t any limit to purchasing them. With our latest upgrade in the sticker cutter machine, we can now sell as little as one or a whole bulk to each client’s preferences.

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Utilized a promo sent by email to try a product I would not have originally bought and I am so glad I did! Product is excellent!


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Mojo Sticker came recommended highly from my friends, and I see why. I received my order in 3-4 days, was impressed by the quality of the design and the stickers themselves, and how easy it was to deal with them. No phone calls or dragging things out. I sent the order in, they printed it and sent it out. It was that easy, and now I have bumper stickers to promote my cornhole league!