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A start-up business or running a company is no piece of cake where advertisements are concerned. Let our company, which deals in custom business card stickers, help you market your brand through different realms of the business world. Our line of stickers is designed to benefit every organization and help them campaign their advertisements with various promotional strategies. 

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A custom business sticker can take our careers to the next level by creating innovative virtual logos of your company on our sticker. We make sure all our sticker products are durable and suitable to all surfaces of application. Here’s what makes our line of stickers top notch.

Characteristics of Custom Business Card Stickers

•  No residue or marks are left on the surface of the application after removal.

•  Every custom sticker contains a strong adhesive applicant to paste on to any surface without hassle.

•  Our team of designers sought to take care of every detail including making each piece waterproof and weatherproof.

•  Our line of custom stickers is made to be durable and adaptable to every environmental factor including weather conditions.

•  Each personalized sticker is made of vinyl base coated with a protective laminate to avoid scratches or tearing during harsh surroundings.

•  Being coated with a laminate also gives it a plus point of you being able to write personal or last-minute details on it with a waterproof or permanent marker.

Reasons why every business or brand should invest in our custom stickers 

Every business holder whether an old running company, a start-up, or even entrepreneurs looking to start a brand, needs some guiding where marketing is concerned. These custom business card stickers give each of our customers a chance to advertise or promote their work by putting their information on our uniquely designed sticker. Here are some ways you can utilize them in your areas of work 

•  These make great giveaways for luncheons and book fairs.

•  They can be advertised or displayed with your company logo even on career day at high schools or colleges.

•  Serves great promotional value when pastes on your everyday carry around items like a laptop, your phone, your car and even your office desk.

•  Our line of stickers is also designed to be waterproof, meaning you can now sum up some merchandise for sale or gifts with your business name on the front.

•  Every business meeting needs some kind of creativity to get the ideas flowing. Our line of stickers can be utilized in this manner to come up with new logos for their company on a sticker.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is there an option of creating a new design?
A: We have a team of designers to assist you with creating any design you feel fit to add to your stickers. All you need to do is upload an image and provide your details and specifications of what and how your sticker should look. We take great effort in making your vision come to life.
Q: Will these stickers leave a mark on my car or laptop?
A: Our stickers are designed with a strong adhesive to latch onto every surface. But even after removal no hint of residue nor marks are formed.
Q: How do you use these stickers? Is there an instruction list with it?
A: Yes stickers must always be pasted a certain way and especially if they represent an official company name. First, you make sure the surface of the application is clean and spotless or even clean of any dust particles. After that you remove the backing and carefully paste it, pressing from the center and then moving towards the corners. This is to ensure no air bubbles are formed.
Q: How many business card stickers can I order at one time?
A: There is no limit on the number of stickers you need. You can order one or multiple amounts at a time.
Q: Is there any limit to the kind of pattern I need?
A: No there isn’t. With our latest investment in the sticker cutter machine, you can now order up any design or pattern you desire. Our main feature is the die-cut pattern allowing intricate designs, cut to precision.

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Great service!

I love how these came out! Color quality is great. Thanks!

Always great quality

Love the stickers!! Love Mojosticker!! Keep doing great work and keep offering random promos! This specific batch were harder to peel off maybe because of rounded edges of the design? But still great product none the less

Lovely Work

Again, Mojosticker delivered perfect product on time. Keep up the great work!

Easier to peel!

These were much easier to peel apart than diecut ones!


stickers are great! everyone wants one


Well done. Arrived on time, product exactly as described.

My Stickers are perfect

Stickers were perfect and arrived fast!