Barcode Labels

Barcodes are a vital part of a product and when you change it to custom barcode labels, things only get more interesting. We live in a world where uniqueness and exclusivity are sought after. People hunt for such products and try to run away from basic and boring ones. Businesses need to use this as a tactic and add as much exclusivity as they can to their products. A barcode label is usually left unnoticed and less to none creativity is used to make them. This gives you a chance to start a trend and brand your product right.

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Be it any homemade crafts and gifts or any high-end product, personalized barcode labels will make sure to skyrocket those sales of yours. The barcode labels being offered by Mojo Stickers are very durable and are made from the finest vinyl that is laminated. These labels are very long-lasting and the laminate gives them a much better look. Your custom design can also have additional elements that you may want to include.

Characteristics of Custom Barcode Labels

Mojo Stickers lets you choose over many kinds and types which includes;

•  Matte

•  Colored

•  Perforated

•  Transparent

There are other pros when it comes to custom barcode labels which include the following;

•  They have a wide area of use.

•  There are no restrictions on the shape and size of a label. You can be as creative and as out-of-the-box as you wish.

•  These personalized barcode labels are very low in cost and this can be bought without much consideration put to the finances.

•  It is also made sure that clients don’t have to worry about the application by making these labels in a way that they are very easy to use and stick.

The custom barcode labels by Mojo Stickers also have the following characteristics:

•  They are heat resistant

•  They are water-resistant

•  The labels can resist heat

•  They are dishwasher friendly

•  The labels are also oil resistant

So, stop thinking and start designing some eye-catching, enticing labels already!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can the food labels be of any shape and color?
A: The shape and color have no restrictions whatsoever. You can design and personalize the labels as per your needs. The opportunities being offered here are limitless.
Q: Are these hot sauce labels durable? If yes, to what extent?
A: The durability is high enough to never disappoint you. We make sure that the labels are waterproof, heat-resistant and oil-resistant.
Q: Are there any restrictions on the type of surfaces these barcode labels should be stuck to?
A: There are no restrictions. These custom food labels are of the finest quality and strong adhesive, which ensures they can be used on any kind of surface.
Q: What material is the custom barcode labels made of?
A: These food labels are made of a premium material that is durable and water-proof, making sure the best is made available to you and your business.
Q: If the design is complex for barcode labels, will the quality still be the same?
A: No matter how complex your design is, the quality will always be worth your while. The unique process being used by Mojo Stickers makes it possible to easily print and cut intricate designs.

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Stickers were so good, i got buttons made too... when the discount hit the email lol

Sticker sheets

Great quality product. I would have like a better idea of the completed size. It’s hard to judge the proof when there is not a reference next to it.

Great design and service

Really like the proiducts we've been getting!

Awesome stickers

With each and every order MojoSticker comes through 100%, always on time and a perfect product.


They were perfect. I got what I needed, but they could have easily put more on one sheet, kind of a waste of space.

Everybody wants one!

We put our stickers by the front door and everyone who comes in wants one. It's great. People see EVG stickers everywhere!

Quality and reliability

Labels on a sheet looked great and are convemnient. The only request being perfs to tear the individual units off the sheet easily. Otherwise, scissors are needed to cut them out.