Transfer Stickers

The main task of a custom transfer stickers is to arouse consumer interest. Personalized transfer stickers, in various shapes and sizes, will definitely perform the task of attracting customers to the business. A well-thought-out design and text filling will increase the level of sales of your product by informing the client about your business, its products, and other important information.

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Characteristics of Custom Transfer Stickers

Apart from attracting customers, it offers various other benefits, including;

•  Varied accommodation: As we have already emphasized, stickers come in various shapes and sizes and can be used to promote your product or service. They are completely universal in terms of placement. You can use custom transfer stickers for cars, glass, wood, vehicles windshield, shop windows, and walls. 

• Providing information: Transfer Stickers can be a great way to inform your customers. The sticker should contain key information that will increase the likelihood of sales. For example, on a sticker, you can print logo of the brand in vibrant colors to attract customers. The right words and a well-chosen graphics solution will immediately attract attention.

•  Creative approach: If you are not afraid of bold decisions, then transfer stickers will be a great way to realize your creative plans. Use them to make a unique offer for the customers. Let your message stand out against the background. It is necessary to carefully consider not only the text, but also the font in. which it will be written, and the image that will be placed next to it.

• Exhibitions: If you regularly participate in trade fairs and exhibitions, customized transfer stickers will be a great addition to your advertising at these events. Stickers work just as powerful as business cards or flyers because they give your audience specific information about you. Stickers are a great way to isolate your client from the whole mass.

• Availability: One of the greatest advantages of transfer sticker is their low cost and greater visibility. This is the cheapest and most affordable way to bring the right information to your customers.

• Long-term action: The low cost of stickers allows you to print them in large quantities to use in the future. Mojo Stickers offer custom transfer stickers in bulk quantity at a relatively low price. 

Frequently asked questions

Q: I want the shape of my transfer sticker to be contoured around the shape of my design. Will this cost extra?
A: Nope! Everything is covered in the cost.
Q: What is the process of putting it on a surface?
A: Peel off the backing of the sticker and place it on any surface you like. We recommend to wait for at least 24 hours to let the material stick to the surface. Remove the air bubble. Slowly, remove the plastic surface of the sticker and the material will be stuck to the surface.
Q: What kind of surfaces can my transfer stickers stick to?
A: It can stick to any surface you like. Just peel off the backing, choose your desired surface and apply it onto it. Wait for a while and see your sticker on the surface. It is that easy!

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