Sticker Sheets

Take your advertising campaign to the next level with our vinyl custom stickers sheets. Thanks to its ultra-resistant adhesives, your advertising sticker will advertise your brand for the long term. Our personalized stickers sheets are suitable for displaying your slogan or logo anywhere.

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Giving life to your stickers has never been easier. Our interior and exterior adhesives will bring your advertisement to life. We offer bright stickers with vibrant colors to help you stand out among your competitors. Give it a special touch with a luxury finish and turn your adhesive into the center of all eyes.

Characteristics of Custom Stickers Sheets

Our custom stickers sheets are ideal for shop windows. Decorate the window of your store, restaurant or the door of your office. Our transparent adhesives adhere from the outside to the glazed surface. 

You can use these vinyl sticker sheets for;

•  Product labels

•  Stickers on clothing items

•  Walls of your stores

•  Windows of your store

•  Mugs, glass surface, and other office items.

Why Custom Printed Sticker Sheets?

The custom stickers have a lot of uses and many advantages, especially to small businesses. You can advertise your business through these stickers in different ways. You can give away these custom printed sticker sheets to families who have children. Since all the children love collecting stickers, the durability of these stickers will advertise your businesses to these families for a long time.

Having a Winehouse?

Imagine you have a business like a Winehouse. A holiday season is coming and you want to give your loyal customers a small bottle of wine to reward them for their loyalty. Most likely, the bottle has its own label, and nowhere is the name of your company distinguished, since you are an intermediary. You can use our personalized sticker sheets and put the logo of your company or fun and attractive message to get the attention of your customers.

The Usability during Events

These custom printed sticker sheets are quite useful at events too. It is possible that when organizing a wedding, a baptism or communion, you have to differentiate the gifts to give to your guests, for example. Using our stickers is a highly recommended option since, in addition to being able to customize them to your liking, they will help you differentiate gifts. 

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do die-cut stickers take longer to make than your other sticker products?
A: No, you will get the product within the mentioned deadline.
Q: Is it difficult to apply my die-cut stickers?
A: It is not at all difficult! Just peel off the backing and apply it on the surface.
Q: I want the shape of my die-cut sticker to be contoured around the shape of my design. Will this cost extra?
A: Nope! You can ask for any shape you like.
Q: Can I put die-cut stickers on a baseball helmet or other round surface?
A: Due to the quality and material used, you can easily apply them to a round surface.
Q: What kind of surfaces can my die-cut stickers stick to?
A: You can stick these gem to any surface you like.

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Would Order Again

Always Great!

I’ve been ordering stickers from Mojosticker for a few years now, and they’ve always been great. They have a reasonable turnaround time, very good color matching, and a high quality feel to them. I sell the stickers I have printed for my business, and my customers love the quality as much as I do. (:


These turned out so well along with the die-cut ones I got. there was a little mess up during the process but that was on me so I can't complain. totally love these

Reorder, as good as the first!

Second time placing an order for computer stickers They came out as great as the first order. Vibrant color and high quality all the way around. Fast deliver too! What more could you ask for?!

Cats and Plants Sticker Sheet

Super easy and quick!


We ordered 1,000 stickers and very proud to have them for our short film, "Into The Flame". They couldn't have turned out better.

So amazing!

They hallows me so much to make my stickers perfect! And they shipped l immediately I was so impressed! I tell all my friends to go with Mojosticker!

Beautiful Quality and 2 Days Early!

My stickers arrived four days earlier than the ETA they gave me and are beautiful quality. They almost seem to have a satin finish. I'm very pleased and will definitely order from Mojosticker again!