Rounded Corner Stickers

Now advertise your business in all the weather conditions! With custom rounded corner stickers, you can advertise your logo or message while keeping the trendy fashion of marketing intact. No matter what surface you want to advertise your business on, personalized rounded corner stickers must be your first choice!

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The production of stickers as advertising labels began in the late 30s of the twentieth century. It was at that time that enterprising merchants came up with the idea of gluing advertising leaflets directly to the goods.

Characteristics of Custom Rounded Corner Stickers

Nowadays, these creative pieces of advertisement are not limited to goods. Rounded Corner Stickers are used in numerous ways, including;

•  Advertising stands

•  Shop windows

•  Home windows 

•  Bikes and cars, or

•  Any other surface where hundreds of glance visit every day.

In addition, these stickers are not used only as product labels, but also as an advertisement for services, events or businesses (for example, a coffee shop or store). An attractive round corner sticker with high quality material serves the purpose of advertisement for a long time. Its strong adhesive helps the business owners advertise their product without losing the integrity. Whether it is a hot summer or stormy weather, a good quality sticker adheres to the surface. Mojo Sticker maintains the quality of its stickers to provide its customers with the best material available at an affordable price.

Why Should I Go for Rounded Corners?

Rectangular or square stickers are more static and stable to the viewer. They usually fail to attract the attention of visitors due to lack of uniqueness. If you round the corners, you shorten the edge of the image and give the label an elegant, high quality and swinging effect. It enhances the creativity of the sticker while giving your message a unique effect.
Moreover, if you want to convey factual or technical information on your sticker, convey the message with custom round corner stickers. Why? Since people avoid reading long lines, a rounded corner sticker, due to its uniqueness, will compel a visitor to read the message. 

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is 'removable adhesive'?
A: A removable adhesive help you stickers in peeling off your sticker from a surface while leaving no residue behind. It assures you that you will not regret using a sticker on a surface, especially a wall. We all have gone through a situation where we put a sticker on a wall and after a few years when we take it off, the residue stays behind. Mojo sticker offers strong yet removable adhesive which keeps the quality of the sticker intact but helping you in keeping the surface clean.
Q: Is it difficult to apply my round corner stickers?
A: Just peel, apply and done! It is that easy.
Q: Can I put round corner stickers on a baseball helmet or other round surface?
A: Yes! You can stick it to a round surface.
Q: What kind of surfaces can my rounded corner stickers stick to?
A: You can stick it to almost any surface.

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Excellent experience

Stickers were of excellent quality, packaged nicely, and shipped quickly.

Superior Stickers

I bought these stickers and donated them to my daughter's school. It brought everyone joy to know that I was thoughtful enough to buy stickers in appreciation to the teachers dedication to my child. The stickers quality and colors are perfect.

Just what I wanted

Ordered this product for work and it came exactly how we envisioned/wanted to - will definitely order again when needed.

Love our new stickers!

My stickers are PERFECT! We are so excited to share these with our internal team and launch our new mobile app. Thanks, Mojosticker!

Crazy Fast Shipping!

I ordered these stickers in the Spring and I just ran out, I went to re-order them thinking I'd get them in a week or so and legit got them in two days! And they look exactly the same as the first time (i.e. great).

Great Quality

The stickers are made of thick high quality. Very pleased with the order.

Halloween Art Stickers

Thank you, Mojosticker. Our Halloween Art Stickers are perfect! Everyone is commenting on the great quality!