Rounded Corner Sheet Labels

Custom Rounded Corner sheet labels are an important part of the product presentation, as they are the first element with which costumers come in contact. It is not surprising, then, that they require exclusive designs that stand out from those of the competition. 

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The way in which the image of the products is conceived has changed dramatically in recent years. With innovative and technological processes, systems and business models, personalized rounded corner sheet labels have become versatile elements that contribute to extend the brand image, generate a visual impact, are modern and adapt to any type of product.

Characteristics of Custom Rounded Sheet Labels

Some of the benefits that customized rounded corner sheet labels offer are;

•  Flexibility: Custom labels offer the flexibility that the current consumer market requires. They are easy to adapt to any container, product, design, and size without any established limit. The designs of the attractive products are generally atypical, so they need services that allow them to be printed properly and without neglecting the quality of the colors and the adhesive. Your company can find the right label without having to adapt to traditional options. The shapes and designs that can be chosen are innumerable. The limit is set by the creativity and image of the brand.

•  Innovation: Considering that the label of a product is the first thing a consumer comes in the contact with, it is an aspect that cannot be neglected and must be adapted to market trends. The self-adhesive custom rounded corner sheet labels are innovative in that they can be customized based on what your brand requires, thus achieving a greater visual impact. A good personalized label is capable of increasing the sales of a product if it is attractive. It has a combination of designs and textures and transmits the brand values.

•  Adaptability: This type of labeling is suitable for all types of packaging, no matter the material in which it was made. The label and its adhesive are well attached to the packaging. Depending on the printing material and the finish, the rounded corner sheet labels are prepared to last as long as necessary until the final consumption of the product, preventing it from coming off at any time due to conditions such as humidity, temperature, and friction between items. Simply put, the image of your product will remain intact.

Better connection with consumers

Consumers expect the brands to connect with them at an emotional level. Being prepared to deliver what they are really looking for, not only in product content but also in presentation, will make your company see good sales results. People, who buy personalized products, tend to talk about the brand, so personalization tends to foster connections between new consumers and the brand. 

Flexibility Adaptability

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I remove these labels after applying it to the surface?
A: Yes. Although our labels are made up of strong adhesive, they can easily be removed without leaving any residue behind.
Q: What is the Minimum Order Quantity?
A: Minimum order quantity is the limit where the business owners are required to order specific number of units of product as the minimum order.

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High Quality Stickers

This order was filled quickly and completely. The stickers were high quality with clear, dark lettering and the logo was perfectly centered, etc. I recommend Mojo Sticker for a great product.

Marketing Labels

I would like to re order .. but with a color background if possible.

The perfect label

Absolutely amazing.


These are great- they stay on very well, even when wet!

Sticker sheets

Loved these! Only wish they were larger, but these will do perfectly for now. Happy with my order

Awesome Stickers!

They turned out amazing. Great little promotional stickers to hand out. I even got a few extra in my order!

Big hit at work

Good clear and clean.. Sticks to everything.