Rounded Corner Roll Labels

Custom rounded corner roll labels are a versatile element of branding and advertising. Personalized rounded corner labels are suitable for styling and fixing the packaging of goods, placing a transparent logo on glasses and labeling the products for decorating business accessories.

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We offer customized rounded corner roll labels for any purpose. Whether you want small labels for packaging or large labels to stick product descriptions at the back of your product, rounded corner roll labels always come in handy.

Rounded corner roll labels are the easiest way to advertise a company’s brand by attracting the attention of the audience through attractive designs. They can include an advertising call, a company logo, and the product description. Unlike paper brochures, small self-adhesive elements have a high degree of resistance to the external environment. They retain their appearance and brightness of colors for a long time.

Characteristics of Custom rounded corner roll labels

Rounded corner roll label is a product that allows you to solve a lot of problems, including;

•  Decorating goods

•  Advertising the company

•  Increasing brand awareness

•  Promoting a brand’s products

Labels can be of any shape and size. Custom rounded corner roll labels are in great demand as they are universally suitable for all tasks and help in beautifully placing the necessary information on a product. In our work, we use professional equipment and high-quality materials which guarantees the brightness of colors and the clarity of images that last for a long time. 

Frequently asked questions

Q: How will you know the exact size label I need for specific products like lip balm?
A: Our online editor has a default setting and a manual setting. Most of the products, like DVDs, have the same size, therefore, our default size would work perfectly on such products. However, since a lip balm can vary in sizes, you can select the size through manual setting in our editor.
Q: What’s the difference between a sticker and a label?
A: Stickers and decals usually use graphics and images, whereas labels contain information on them as well.
Q: How do I know which label material will be best for my product?
A: We follow the general rule of label printing where white glossy labels are used for labeling and packaging, clear labels for food and beverage products, and matte labels for cosmetics and household products. However, if you don’t find this attractive, you can always try new things through our samples.

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These guys are the best! They work with you until you get it right even if you’re technologically challenged! I must have had 50 revisions and they even helped fix some artwork. Thank you Mojo Sticker for going the extra mile for people doing it themselves

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My labels arrived as ordered. Colors look great! Looking forward to ordering more in the future.

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Always Great, Always Fast!

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I use canva to design my stickers and simply upload into Mojo Sticker. I have my proof in less than an hour and my finish product in less then a week