Oval Sheet Labels

Bright interesting custom oval sheet labels are already a fashion trend as they are found at almost every step-in business industry. Recently, many large companies have begun to use custom oval labels as an advertising medium.

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It is convenient, inexpensive and effective, as the designs of these personalized oval labels are unique. They can be placed anywhere and anytime, without spending a lot of time, money and effort. This is a great alternative to large billboards and other types of PR. Are you planning an advertising campaign? Do you need labels to provide information related to your product? Mojo Sticker’s high quality custom oval sheet labels are here to serve your need.

Advantages of the Mojo Sticker

•  You can print labels in any format.

•  An experienced designer will work on the project.

•  We offer a budget template or individual development.

•  We will take into account your wishes regarding the layout.

•  We will prepare the design project of the sticker efficiently and promptly.

The Basic Principles of Proper Design

When designing labels, primarily consider the type and purpose of the product. If you are to participate in a promotion, personalized labels are designed to attract the attention of potential buyers of goods and services. For such purpose, use bright colors and creative ideas. The more unusual and interesting the printed product is, the greater the effect it will bring - this is the main purpose of such products. We utilize a corporate trend to create custom labels for a company. We use a certain set of colors, logos, trademarks and other distinctive elements that characterize the manufacturer or supplier.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What’s the difference between a sticker and a label?
A: Stickers usually uses images and graphics while labels usually contain text along with images and graphics.
Q: How do I know which label material will be best for my product?
A: We follow the rule of thumb. White glossy labels are for packaging, matte ones are for cosmetic products, and clear ones are for food and beverages. However, you can deviate from this rule and test new techniques.

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Review of my labels

Great customer service however the quality of the labels could be better. A glossy option would be helpful.


Best sticker an label company Ive delt with to date. Great customer service, oustanding products an great turn around times. Cant say enough good things about this company. Only sticker or label company ill deal with!!


Great labels for the value.

Just what we wanted.

Labels are great. We ordered the wrong size last year. We got them on sheets to save money.