Kiss Cut Stickers

A custom kiss cut stickers with a special adhesive layer that sticks to various surfaces is the tool that your advertising campaign needs. The kiss cut sticker is one of the varieties of advertising. The biggest advantage of the personalized kiss cut stickers is that it is attached to almost any surface while giving a nice and elegant touch. This makes the custom kiss cut stickers a unique medium of advertising.

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For information and advertising purposes, kiss cut stickers are actively used on a wide variety of products and at various points of sale. Considering the economics of production, the variety of forms and the massive scope of applications, kiss cut sticker is a powerful marketing tool.

Characteristics of Custom Kiss Cut Stickers

Kiss cut stickers have numerous applications. You can use it 

•  To publicize the logo of a company or trademark

•  To attach the logo or picture of the company in a letter, 

•  As a sticker on the package with the goods of the company

•  On a wall of the store

•  As a promotional or bottle sticker

 Stickers are present on almost everything that we see in everyday life, from pens and laptops to vehicles and walls of houses. Kiss cut stickers are replacing the traditional forms of stickers by cutting the unnecessary edges and giving the material a new and creative look. The visibility of kiss-cut stickers is much higher compared to traditional forms.

Amaze Your Customers

With this amazing quality product, amaze your customers. Use it on your products, packaging, bottles, mugs, and other office supplies. These kiss cut stickers will stick perfectly to any surface, thanks to its strong adhesive material. Advertise your business in style with these creative kiss-cut stickers. It will do most of your marketing. You can also give it away to your customers who can send it to others. It will automatically serve the purpose of marketing for you. Moreover, it will become memorable to your customers.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is 'removable adhesive'?
A: If you want to remove your sticker from the surface for any reason, you can do it so due to the removable adhesive that it offers. It will leave no residue behind. Due to the strong adhesive that our kiss-cut stickers have, you can reapply it after the removal.
Q: Is it difficult to apply my kiss-cut stickers?
A: Just peel the backing paper and put it on any surface you like. It is that easy!
Q: I want the shape of my kiss-cut sticker to be contoured around the shape of my design. Will this cost extra?
A: No! All the costs are covered in the original price.
Q: Can I put custom kiss-cut stickers on a baseball helmet or other round surface?
A: Yes! You can put it on any surface. Due to its kiss cut characteristic, the shape will not cause any issue.
Q: What kind of surfaces can my kiss-cut stickers stick to?
A: You can use these stickers to any kind of surface you like, thanks to its strong adhesive material.

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Great service!

I love how these came out! Color quality is great. Thanks!

Always great quality

Love the stickers!! Love Mojosticker!! Keep doing great work and keep offering random promos! This specific batch were harder to peel off maybe because of rounded edges of the design? But still great product none the less

Lovely Work

Again, Mojosticker delivered perfect product on time. Keep up the great work!

Easier to peel!

These were much easier to peel apart than diecut ones!


stickers are great! everyone wants one


Well done. Arrived on time, product exactly as described.

My Stickers are perfect

Stickers were perfect and arrived fast!