Clear Stickers

Custom Clear stickers are great for highlighting your products in bright colors and giving them an elegant finish. They are commonly used on products that are normally exposed to water, oil, moisture, and cold, or in containers. Moreover, the surface of a glass door is usually home to these personalized clear stickers.

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We offer high quality and versatile sticker options for your advertising needs. Our custom clear stickers are a great way to advertise your business. With high-quality clear stickers, you can print your company logo and apply it to any surface, including windows, doors, paper, clothes, etc. it will be attractive to the eyes of the visitors.

The Design

Custom clear stickers are specially designed in accordance with the specifications provided by the customer. Customized clear stickers are one of the best advertising ways. They are equally appreciated and liked by the old ones and the young ones. Kids love having stickers with vibrant images while elderlies like the elegance. Luckily, a clear sticker offers both.
Looking for a new way to attract customers? A unique way to make your business image elegant? Choose vinyl clear sticker now to inject a touch of elegance and style in your business. The more vibrant the color of the image is, the better attention you will be able to catch of the customers.

A Label

Do you have a bar or cafe that you want to promote? Or sell homemade jam or tomato paste? Then custom clear stickers are the best solution. This is a cheap, effective, and easy way to advertise. You can stick them on a jar of jam or a homemade bottle of cider and popularize your products.

Characteristics of Custom Clear Stickers

Some of the characteristics of clear vinyl stickers are

•  They are visually very striking

•  Let the product behind the label be seen

•  They are perfect for use on glass containers

•  It can be printed with white or colored ink

•  They can be done in any shape and size

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the difference between front and back adhesive?
A: If you're looking to put your custom clear stickers on the outside of a window, glass, or any surface, you should go with the ‘back adhesive’ option. The adhesive, then, will be on the backside of the sticker. You will be able to stick it from the outside. On the contrary, if you'd like your clear stickers to go on the inside of a window or glass, choose the front adhesive option.
Q: How do I know how many clear stickers will fit on a clear sticker page?
A: The number of stickers on a page depends upon the size of each sticker.
Q: I need to order a large number of clear stickers, which option should I choose?
A: You can go with the maximum range of our options.
Q: How many clear vinyl stickers can I order?
A: You can choose the range specified in our options.

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These stickers are amazing! I'm really glad I decided to give MojoSticker a try; these were a good investment.

Clear Sticker

My stickers were perfect


They were Great. I am definitely getting them again! I may go a little bigger next time as well!

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My Love for mojosticker grows like a sunflower in May


These stickers were perfect! They fit our boxes and looked very clean and professional. Ordering was easy and I got the proof fast. They even shipped 3 days early. Great company and will be ordering again.

Great job

My stickers were great and very helpful!!


Stickers came out perfect!