Clear Roll Labels

Custom clear roll labels have become a very successful alternative when you want to label a product placed on your shop and you want to capture the attention of potential buyers. Making an adhesive label that is transparent, always has a very specific objective and is always related to adding beauty, elegance, and colorfulness to a particular product.

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The Delicacy of Personalized Clear Roll Labels

It is a product whose description will only lead us to conclude that beauty, distinction, delicacy, and durability prevail in it. These factors merge with the support to the surface on which it adheres to give entrepreneurs the best tool to sell their products.

Custom clear roll labels are elegant and colorful, therefore, those businessmen who want to raise their brand identity to a higher level, choose clear roll labels to label their products’ boxes, metal surface, wood, plastic, and glass. Its use implies an immense number of applications. Among them, the implementation in the commercial area is quite popular as this type of labels is usually the favorite of entrepreneurs to give name and identity to products, such as bottles and boxes, to give a touch of distinction.

Characteristics of Custom Clear Roll Labels

As for its physical characteristics, it refers to the high-quality transparent vinyl which is accompanied by best quality and strong adhesive. The adhesive used will undoubtedly resist the wear and tear during the constant use, in addition to the moderate and eventual submission to factors such as heat, cold, water, humidity and even steam.

The surface where customized clear roll labels may be applied are;

•  Wood

•  Glass

•  Paper

•  Plastic

•  Aluminum

Almost any material will give you the opportunity to use this creative piece to put your desired image on it. Despite have a base which is devoid of color, its shape can be clearly perceived by the user. He will surrender to the beauty and delicacy in the details involved in the elaboration of the product.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What kind of surface is the best to make clear labels more prominent?
A: When a customer arrives at our printing house to demand a huge amount of clear roll labels, he has a clear idea that this product will attract the attention of millions. He knows that the die cut on a colorless sticker will have a blunt visual effect, and that will not go unnoticed. Whatever the surface is chosen, a label of this nature will be the center of all attention.
Q: In what form will I receive my clear labels?
A: They can be requested in the form of rolls and sheets.
Q: What kind of shapes and colors are recommended for clear roll labels?
A: There are endless opportunities related to the shapes, size, measurements, and durability of this product. As it is transparent in its background, it allows the color to be incorporated into its structure.
Q: What material is used in Custom Clear Roll Labels?
A: In clear roll labels, vinyl is used as raw material, equipped with a very strong adhesive capable of withstanding the inclemency caused by staying for a long time in exhibitors or shop windows.

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Nice clear labels

The whole process was quick and easy.

Exactly what I wanted!

I am so happy with this company. My stickers are excellent, super nice quality. And you can't beat their customer service, quick and caring. I have purchased many items from Mojosticker and will definitely continue.


The color was perfect and the label was everything that I needed it to be. The customer service was excellent!


Perfect for gift boxes.


Great for my packaging or whatever I want to stick one on to

Love Them

My candle labels are perfect. The color, size, and detail are perfect.

Better than expected!

I use my labels on frozen items and they absolutely rock. No issues with them sticking to any surface ! Even my friends want stickers now!