Circle Sheet Labels

Nothing can replace the use of custom circle sheet labels. From ancient times to this day, it is used for different purposes by business owners. Labels are quite popular due to their versatility. No matter what type of business or products a brand deals in, personalized labels have always been used as an essential tool, especially for marketing and advertising purposes.

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Characteristics of Custom Circle Sheet Labels

Customized circle sheet labels are a type of printing products that, thanks to the adhesive layer, can be stuck to any material or object. Depending on the purpose, labels can be used on;

•  Food Labels for Labelling Your Food Product: Food labels have different purposes. Firstly, they inform the consumer about ingredients, allergens, nutritional values and others. On the other hand, they are intended to encourage buying. This requires a visually appealing design because even the first impression counts. So let us print your high-quality custom food labels. With these, you can attract attention and convince your customers of your product.

•  Labels for Beverage and Bottles: Are you looking for high quality custom bottle labels for your products? Whether for spirits, juices or mineral water - we have the right label for every need. This can be individually designed according to your ideas.

•  Labels for Cosmetics and Cleaning Products: Custom labels for cosmetics and cleaning products require resistance to specific environmental conditions and are subject to heavy use due to frequent use. We can recommend various materials and adhesives that withstand these effects.

•  Labels for Frozen Products: Frozen packaging labels must withstand extreme environmental conditions during labeling and storage. We can recommend materials and adhesives that can withstand these conditions.

•  Labels for Business Accessories: Personalized labels can be used in many different ways - whether in the office or in a shop, for product advertising or for conveying information to your customers. It does not matter if you need envelopes, shipping labels, or removable labels for short messages to your customers: we can print everything.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why do some labels have order quantities and others don't? Should I be buying custom circle sheet labels without minimum quantities instead?
A: Only the items, where businesses can save money and value by ordering in bulk, have minimum order quantity. Other products don’t have minimum order quantity because we allow our customers to test our products through samples before ordering in bulk. Through this way, we ensure that our customers don’t end up wasting their valuable time and money.
Q: What does 'removable adhesive' mean?
A: Removable adhesive is the strong adhesive quality which allows the user to peel off the sticker or label from the surface without leaving any residue behind.

Reviews for Circle Sheet Labels



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Would Order Again


No lie, these labels are brilliant. Look beautifully. They're for candles, and they look even better on the jars!


These are FAB

Great customer service

I'm very pleased with my order. I originally ordered 50 circles of my design and they looked faded and unusable but after contacting customer service with my problems I instantly got a response and they printed over double my original order and they look great!!

Amazing quality and color

I designed beer labels for my boyfriend's sister's wedding and she and her soon-to-be husband LOVE them! They researched all over and tested out various labels but went with MojoSticker because they are by far the best quality labels. The material and coloring is exceptional and they are still affordable and always have quick turnaround time.

Great quality, great turnaround

What I love about producing labels with MojoSticker: great quality and super easy/fast turnaround. The satiny finish is also quite superb.

Very nice as always

Very nice as always

Great Labels

MojoSticker helped me design. The quality of the label is great - easy to peel off and the weight of the paper is perfect.