Custom Labels

Characteristics of Custom Labels

We work with different types of materials specific to each type of packaging including paper labels, waterproof labels for refrigerated products, and flexible labels for flexible packaging, among others. Some of the famous uses of labels are;

• Custom Food and Supplement Labels

Adhesive food labels are as varied as the packaging itself. From the most economical paper labels to flexible or fully transparent labels, there are many front adhesive options.

• Custom Beverage Labels (Wine, Beer, Juice)

It is quite common in promoting the brand and in mentioning the product description through a custom label. Beverage labels do this work for you.

• Custom Decorative labels

Custom labels are often decorative labels used to seal gift packages, to mention a product or as branding labels with the company's logo for a more effective presentation of the brand in the market.

• Custom Chemical labels

Labels for chemicals and drums with printing that is resistant to water, oils, and solvents. Ideal for sea or land transportation with high quality, non-fading color printing.

• Custom Labels for cosmetics

Economical and water-resistant labels, ideal for flexible packaging. They can be both transparent and opaque, printed in single color or multiple colors, in any required format.

• Custom Cleaning Product Labels

Waterproof, sanitizing labels, printed in high quality, in one or multicolor, cut to any shape that you desire, or most commonly the rectangular shape. A sturdier special adhesive that does not lose its quality upon contact with water.

• Custom Labels for lubricants and auto parts

Lubricant labels require a special adhesive that resists lubricant and does not peel off the packaging. The same challenge applies to auto parts labels and tags, which are also subject to lubricant.

• Custom Toy labels

Labels and tags for toys, with high-quality printing and attractive colors. We make both permanent and removable custom labels in any shape, size, or quantity you need.

• Custom Household Labels

Labels for utensils and housewares with a removable adhesive that leaves no residue on the part. With high-quality color custom label printing, cut to standard or custom formats.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is it difficult to apply my custom label?
A: The application process is easy. Just peel off the label and apply it on your desired surface.
Q: Do custom labels take a long time to be delivered?
A: No. It will be done within the provided timeframe.
Q: What is 'removable adhesive'?
A: When the material has removable adhesive, it allows you to peel off the sticker without leaving any residue behind.
Q: What kind of surfaces can my custom labels stick to?
A: You can stick your custom labels to any surface you like.

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Shipping Box Labels

Amazing company, amazing quality!


No lie, these labels are brilliant. Look beautifully. They're for candles, and they look even better on the jars!


Stickers were so good, i got buttons made too... when the discount hit the email lol


Came just as planned. Quick easy

Beautiful labels

Mojo Sticker made it so easy to print my labels! I made more than a few errors on my files and the team at Mojo Sticker was so calm and patient with me. The quality of the labels is fantastic, the turnaround was shockingly fast, and overall it was an incredibly smooth, and delightful experience. Definitely recommend highly!

High Quality Stickers

This order was filled quickly and completely. The stickers were high quality with clear, dark lettering and the logo was perfectly centered, etc. I recommend Mojo Sticker for a great product.

Exactly what I was expecting

Stickers arrived on time and just as expected.